Watched We'r Needin tae Talk Aboot Wir Language by Michael Dempster from TEDxInverness | YouTube

Auditory neuroscientist Michael Dempster delivers a gripping presentation on how the mind reacts when we talk freely with the language we grew up with. This talk is delivered using the language which Miachael grew up with, Scots. He tells of some of the difficulties the Scots language has faced in the past and gives some insight into its future. Michael is an Auditory Neuroscientist who gained his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Glasgow for his work exploring neural processing fundamental to language and music perception. He is also a first-language Scots speaker. He has taught modern Scots to people from outwith Scotland and to people from Scotland who want to learn more about their own ways of speaking. Over the past year he has been working on his forthcoming book “Mind yer language? - How we talk English an how we talk Scots.”

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