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This is a great use case for Micropub clients and there are a few that will do this already. Try the Micropub plugin along with Quill: for a minimal UI photo post using note (it should default to use the last photo you took too.)

For more details look at Micropub and WordPress: Custom Posting Applications. It uses the W3C Micropub recommended spec and most of the current clients are open source if anyone wants to build their own web or mobile interfaces.

Sunlit for iOS is a Micropub compatible app that supports photos. PhotoPostr looks promising too for photos and collections.

If you want to go crazy to support some of the other niceties on your site, add Simple Location plugin for showing GPS location and weather conditions and Post Kinds plugin for custom (and customizable) photo display (meant to be compatible with Micropub, but doesn’t have Gutenberg support).

Here’s an example photo from this morning:

Naturally it’d be awesome to see Micropub support in core

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    1. The “tags” field in the interface should map to either Categories, if they exist, or create a new tag. Most social posting interfaces (like Instagram) aren’t giving titles to photos, but descriptions or additional notes, which this should do. (It also supports alt tags, though I’m not sure if the WordPress implementation has been upgraded to match it.)

      If there’s not a setting for adding it as a Featured photo instead of in the_body, we can file an issue to add such a setting.

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      1. In fact, it looks like there’s an issue for the Featured Photo part already if you want to +1 or add a PR, which I’m sure would be welcome.

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      2. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like the team tweaked the “featured photo” issue, so it should now be supported with a setting if you want to take another look.

        Thanks for helping to improve the use case coverage.

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