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@tamar_marvin This seems incredibly similar to the traditions of oral cultures as explored by Milman Parry & Albert Lord in their work on orality & followed up by Walter Ong et al. Examples include Homer in the Greek tradition and the guslars of Yugoslavia.

Thanks for highlighting it!

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  1. The Nicola Scaldaferri, the Robert Kanigel, or something else? I just finished Kanigel which was an interesting bio, particularly with respect to his work. I wish I’d read it before starting in on other denser orality texts as an introduction.

  2. Kanigel, a science writer, is well a researched & academic bio (JHU Press), but is marketed at a broader audience. Unless it’s your area, maybe better as an audio book read? I’ve not looked closely at Scaldaferri. Parry & Lord’s primary work is probably the most dense/technical.

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