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I genuinely enjoy building standalone course websites, in part to more easily share teaching materials—see for examples—& in part to maintain some ownership over my course materials. But increasingly I feel its in students’ better interest to just build in the university’s LMS, where they’re accessing their other classes—why should they enjoy juggling multiple systems any more than I do? And I don’t really want to build two sites for every class, so this spring I may just put all my courses in Canvas
I more than appreciate the extra work involved and affordances of the alternate, but I have to say a small piece of spirit in my soul died as I read this. sigh

I wonder if anyone is documenting the amount of course material that disappears and dies in LMSs the way that some track the loss of data and content when social media silos disappear? Our institutions need to do more to help us here.

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  1. Downes says:

    @chrisaldrich Chris, the quote you were responding to didn't show up in your Mastodon post, which meant I had to do some detective work to figure out what it was. Just so you know.

    1. Chris Aldrich says:

      Thanks Stephen. This is one of a few known bugs as a result of the way my website (using @chrisaldrich) mirrors to Mastodon via ActivityPub. (At least that’s the version I’m presuming you saw as the separately syndicated version should reveal that context pretty quickly.) I’m hoping to fix the reply context/threading sometime soon, though in these cases in the interim, I’m including a link to the original on my site at the bottom of those posts which always does include the context.

      For properly covering all the edge cases, in which reader context did you see it (ie in Mastodon, other Fediverse client, via feed reader, other?) Thanks again!

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