Quantum mechanics anyone? Dozens have been disappointed by UCLA’s administration ineptly standing in the way of Dr. Mike Miller being able to offer his perennial Winter UCLA math class (Ring Theory this quarter), so a few friends and I are putting our informal math and physics group back together.

We’re mounting a study group on quantum mechanics based on Peter Woit‘s Introduction to Quantum Mechanics course from 2022. We’ll be using his textbook Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations:An Introduction (free, downloadable .pdf) and his lectures from YouTube.

Shortly, we’ll arrange a schedule and some zoom video calls to discuss the material. If you’d like to join us, send me your email or leave a comment so we can arrange meetings (likely via Zoom or similar video conferencing).

Our goal is to be informal, have some fun, but learn something along the way. The suggested mathematical background is some multi-variable calculus and linear algebra. Many of us already have some background in Lie groups, algebras, and representation theory and can hopefully provide some help for those who are interested in expanding their math and physics backgrounds.

Everyone is welcome! 

Yellow cover of Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations featuring some conic sections in the background

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  1. We’ve already got 5 people committed to our quantum mechanics study group. We’re going to start with our first call/discussion on Groundhog Day, Thursday February 2 at 7:00 PM Pacific. Our intention is to cover lecture one and the material in the book which it covers. Video platform looks like it will be Google Meet. Ping me if you’re interested in joining us.(https://boffosocko.com/2023/01/26/quantum-mechanics-study-group-for-peter-woit/?replytocom=403971#respond)
    Join our Quantum Mechanics study group

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