Replied to A good reason not to write in books by Richard Carter (Richard Carter)
I spend a lot of time making notes from my reading. I’ve even made notes from my reading of books about making notes from one’s reading. Have I lost you yet? Many people who write or otherwise opine about making notes from your reading say you should underline or highlight favourite or key passa...
That book annotating monster Adler indicated that if he read books second and subsequent times that he would generally purchase a new copy and mark it up afresh. Doublemonster!

See: How to Read a Book. Los Angeles: KCET Los Angeles, 1975. It was one of the later episodes as I recall.

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  1. Mortimer Adler read books more than once? I guess that made sense from someone whose name was an anagram of ‘Mr Read-More-Lit’!

    1. Chris Aldrich says:

      In his KCET series of the same title as his book, he mentioned that he’d read some of the Great Books of the Western World several dozens of times. (iirc, The Iliad and Hamlet were among these?)

      Nice job on the anagram! the best I could do was “Merlot admirer”, “Merriam retold”, and “lore MIT marred”.

      1. ‘Merlot admirer’ is pretty damn good! (There are no good anagrams of my name.)


        Dr Rita Archer

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