FireKing Index Card Filing Cabinet: Rock Solid Zettelkasten Storage for Under 10¢ per card

I’ve just run across what must be one of the largest and most impressive currently manufactured card index filing cabinets on the planet:

FireKing Card, Check & Note File Cabinet, 6 Drawers (6-2552-C)

FireKing International manufactures a 1-hour fire protection filing cabinet with index card inserts, that has options for various locks, is rated for 30 foot drops, and is sealed against potential water damage. They offer both four and six drawer options with the larger clocking in at a massive 863 pounds. With each of the 18 sections on the 6 drawer model capable of 25 15/16″ of storage, this beast should hold about 64,800 index cards.

The rough news is that this king of cabinets, while providing great protection and security for your zettelkasten, runs a fairly steep $6,218.00. Despite the initial sticker shock, keep in mind though, that it should provide a lifetime of secure and worry-free storage for just under 10 cents per card. 

Unless you’re into the older vintage wooden boxes which aren’t very good for protection against fire or water damage, there aren’t too many modern card index filing cabinet manufacturers out there, and this may be the most solid of the group. I’ll add it shortly to the ever-growing list at The Ultimate Guide to Zettelkasten Index Card Storage.

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7 thoughts on “FireKing Index Card Filing Cabinet: Rock Solid Zettelkasten Storage for Under 10¢ per card”

  1. Dan Lyke says:

    @chrisaldrich cool!

    If, by chance, your explorations take you down the path of a small fireproof container that would be good for 2FA recovery codes and passwords, I'm looking for recs on that. We have one suitcase thing that we use for passports and such, but I need something easier to access to keep in my office for just my online credentials.

    1. @danlyke I could have sworn that FireKing had some safes on their site, but those are far more common in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

  2. @chrisaldrich expensive, it’s true, but possibly better value than the Ark of the Covenant, which seems to have gone missing. Good job they made a backup of ten of the commandment zettels. Better to save some than none. Maybe if they’d bought a FireKing we’d still have the 64,000 commandments to obey.


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