Watched Lecture 3 of 36: Introduction to the Subjunctive Mood by Hans-Friedrich Mueller from Latin 101: Learning a Classical Language | The Great Courses
See how the long vowel a" is the key to the present subjunctive mood in verbs such as pono (I place). The subjunctive expresses doubt or potential, and you explore its use by the poet Catullus in one of the most famous love poems to survive from the ancient world."

“Linguam Latīnam discunt, ut in Rōmā antīquā vīvant.” They learn the Latin language, so that they may live in ancient Rome. Intellectually that is. As a way to forget about the present troubles, which is actually a pretty good reason to learn Latin.

How did he know!?!

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Watched Lecture 2 of 36: Introduction to Third-Conjugation Verbs by Hans-Friedrich Mueller from Latin 101: Learning a Classical Language | The Great Courses
Begin your adventure in Latin verbs with the third conjugation, practicing the present tense indicative of ago (I do). Learn the four principal parts of ago-the key words that allow you to conjugate any form-as well as the imperative endings that permit you to issue commands.
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Watched Lecture 1 of 36: Pronouncing Classical Latin by Hans-Friedrich Mueller from Latin 101: Learning a Classical Language | The Great Courses
Salvete! Greetings! Ease into your study of Latin by admiring its beauty and impressive history. Then focus on the letters and sounds of the restored classical pronunciation, which approximates the way Latin was spoken in the classical era. Finally, cover the rules of accents.
Finished lecture one. I quite like the classical pronunciation.

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Watched "The West Wing" The White House Pro-Am from Netflix
Directed by Ken Olin. When the Federal Reserve Chairman dies, Bartlet must quickly choose a successor in order to avoid a financial chaos. However, he is reluctant to pick the obvious choice for Fed Chair, who used to be Abby's boyfriend. The matter is worsened when Danny Concanon receives a quote from the first lady saying she supports her ex-boyfriend, leaving Bartlett more irate. Meanwhile, Josh and Toby are ...
Watched Lecture 2 of 24: Who Was Augustine of Hippo? by Charles Mathewes from The City of God (Books That Matter) | The Great Courses
Examine the paradoxical life of Augustine: Who was he? Why is he such an important historical figure? You'll be surprised that much of what we may associate with him, such as his metaphysical dualism and his antidemocratic adherence to Church law, is mistaken. Here, you'll uncover the real Augustine-and find a man not so unlike ourselves.
A bit of his life and times. Discussion of the Donatist controversy, and the Pelagian controversy. There’s also an interesting passage on thinking and fame around 22:30 in the lecture.

There’s some interesting subtext of the ideas of the “stream and the garden” here in thinking about Augustine in his own time versus what has crystalized for us now in the present.

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Watched Hillary (2020) Episode 2: Becoming a Lady from Hulu
Directed by Nanette Burstein. Cast in the 2016 Democratic primary as a product of the establishment, “Becoming a Lady” examines Hillary Clinton's debut on the national stage during the nineties -- and her provocative, transformative turn as First Lady of the United States.
Watching her grace and hard work in the face of ridiculous adversity is so painful in contrast to the whiner-in-chief that we’re stuck with at the moment. We really did lose out as a nation all for the stupidity of gender discrimination.

I was worried that this documentary was going to trigger me, but its actually very uplifting and I feel hopeful after watching it.

Watched Hillary (2020) Episode 1: The Golden Girl from Hulu
Directed by Nanette Burstein. With Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jennifer Palmieri. As Hillary Clinton launches her 2016 bid for the presidency, “The Golden Girl” tells the story of her first political transformation — from a young suburban Republican to the iconoclastic First Lady of Arkansas.
Watched Lecture 1 of 24: Your Passport to The City of God by Charles Mathewes from The City of God (Books That Matter) | The Great Courses
The City of God is a monumental work-not just for its scale and structure, but for what it asks of us as readers. In this first lecture, dive into the many layers of this powerful book, surveying why Augustine wrote it, for whom, and what impact it still has on our world today.
Watched Introducing JIMU Robot Mythical Series: UnicornBot Kit from YouTube
Introducing the JIMU Robot Mythical Series: UnicornBot Kit.
The instructions for the Jimu Unicorn robot don’t describe what the white pen-like thing, part T01 x 1 (WHT), is used for. The videos online don’t have it either.

Essentially it’s a building tool that can be pulled apart and the thin pointy end is for pushing the connectors out of their positions while the other end can be squeezed lightly like a tweezer to remove the connector pieces if they’re stuck.

Watched How I Make my Website & My Thinking Behind It: TiddlyWiki NodeJS, Wikis, and Internal Linking by  Brandon Hall Brandon Hall from YouTube

This is how I edit and update my website and how I think about the way I've been structuring the website . The main tools that I use for this are TiddlyWiki NodeJS, any modern web browser, simple command line scripts, and FileZilla. Links to these are below.

Also on PeerTube at

This is really awesome. Brandon is using a private TiddlyWiki to generate a static website! This is so very IndieWeb. If he’s available, he should come to the next Homebrew Website Club for San Diego or the online West Coast version.
Watched TiddlyWiki Tutorial 07 - Encrypting TiddlyWiki for Cloud Storage from YouTube

Fair warning; this solution is a bit of an overkill. If all you want to do is encrypt Tiddlywiki, it has it's own encryption utility that is every bit as secure which you can read about here: Otherwise, if you also would like to backup other content along with TiddlyWiki, EncFS may be the solution for you: This tut gives a brief overview on how to use EncFS to encrypt theTiddlyWiki data file before it is uploaded to the cloud.