Read Rethinking the Blog by James Gallagher (
The reason this blog still exists today, after going through so many iterations, is that I always self-dogfood. This is a term in the IndieWeb community that means that I use my own creations. On my blog, everything has been built by me, for me. I haven’t thought about whether my code could be use...
I have seen people in the community do a lot of CMS or platform hopping. Some do it for the fun of it and learning a new system, but it is nice to work at posting on something for a while to see the pros/cons before changing systems. 
Read Quietism by Tom Morris (
If you are reading this, I have a new personal site. My previous site was down for a very long time: initially, the server had gone down because log files had grown too large and I hadn’t set up a proper log rotation system that discarded the old log files.
Then I tried to upgrade the serve...
A nice take on the problem. We all want less overhead and maintenance.