Read The Christmas Eve Confessions of Chuck Todd by Jay RosenJay Rosen (PressThink)

That disinformation was going to overtake Republican politics was discoverable years before he says he discovered it.

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I keep saying that anyone who has Kellyanne Conway or her ilk on their airwaves is actively suborning perjury in the public commons. Kudos to Jay Rosen on this excellent piece.

It’s honestly hard to believe that even Christianity Today seems to have come around on  some of the truth of what is happening before Chuck Todd has.

I’m glad that at least Chuck Todd knows/understands what is happening now and may change course to help protect it. Perhaps he needs to spend a few days with George Lakoff to attempt an intervention and a solution?

Looking back at our history of reportage of white power/white nationalism will provide some additional immediate ideas. WNYC’s On the Media has had some great material in the last few years on these topics:

One might suggest, “just replace the word ‘racist’ with ‘Republicans'” in these stories, but I think many of them have generally done that for themselves already.

The White House Can’t Easily Repair Its Relationship With the Media | The Atlantic

Read The White House Can't Easily Repair Its Relationship With the Media (The Atlantic)
Press Secretary Sean Spicer continued to suggest on Monday that the media is attempting to undercut the president.
If the Trump administration can’t even get the basic ballpark numbers on a simple (even visual) issue like this correct, how are we supposed to even remotely trust them when it comes to more opaque data and actual mathematics supporting their policy decisions?