Read Climbing the IndieWeb by Paul Robert LloydPaul Robert Lloyd (
While working on Indiekit over Christmas, I’ve been thinking that a good anaology for building on the IndieWeb is climbing Mount Everest; it’s largely inaccessible without enough time, knowledge and expertise, and few people ever reach the summit. If you do attempt an ascent, the climb can be bl...

I take this analogy with a grain of salt as there are definitely easier gradients up the slopes now compared to prior years. If you’re doing everything from scratch, then yes, straight up the mountain. Fortunately for those who need them, there are a variety of sherpas for getting their more quickly and easily.

Read Dandelions, Tulips, Orchids and Neurological Pluralism by Ryan BorenRyan Boren (Ryan Boren)
I’m always on the look out for new ways of thinking about and designing for neurological pluralism, especially when it comes in threes. Dandelions, tulips, and orchids designate low-sensitive, medium-sensitive, and high-sensitive people. I like the way this aligns with caves, campfires, and watering holes, the red, yellow, green of interaction badges, and the three speeds of collaboration.
This is a fascinating thesis with some interesting long term effects on evolution.