Checked into Santa Monica Tower 15
Meeting friends at the beach. There’s a car show in the parking lot and it’s right at the level of busy (with relation to coronavirus; it’s relatively quiet compared to normal) that I wanted to turn around and head home.
Checked into Huntington Beach Lifeguard Station 17
A major getting away from the house for the first time in a long time. We’d wanted to do Gerrish for the summer and it was supposed to open on July 7th, but we opted against it. This is a small consolation.

Fortunately seems pretty quiet early in the morning, so physical distancing isn’t difficult and there’s lots of fresh air.

👓 Billionaire relents, kicks open his gate to popular Martins Beach | SF Gate

Read Billionaire relents, kicks open his gate to popular Martins Beach by Peter Fimrite (SFGate)
A billionaire landowner who had blocked access to a beach near Half Moon Bay opened the gate leading to the sandy shore Wednesday, two days after legal papers were filed demanding he comply with a court order. The decision by venture capitalist Vinod Khosla to finally allow the public to use the only road leading to picturesque Martins Beach was touted as a victory for surfers and sunbathers, but lawyers say it probably isn't the end of a decade-long battle over the sandy cove.
Oh, the never-ending battle between public beaches and rich people along the California coast.

They didn’t do a very good job describing the subtleties of the situation and the law here though.