👓 Cindy R. Lobel, Who Studied New York’s History Through Food, Dies at 48 | New York Times

Read Cindy R. Lobel, Who Traced New York History Through Food, Dies at 48 by Katherine Rosman (nytimes.com)
Professor Lobel was among the first historians to explore the economic and social elements of city life in the 19th century through the lens of eating.
I’m glad the NYT caught this and gave her an obituary. I suspect it’s in part because she’s more local to NYC in addition to her husband and his outlet’s influence as well as their recent push to cover the work of women better–a year ago, even more sadly, there likely would have been no mention of her passing.

I’ll have to bookmark her book to check out. With any luck, friends and colleagues will finish the book she’s currently working on.