Read Reflections on HAX Camp (Throw Out The Manual)
I spent the last 2 days in a whirlwind trip driving down to Durham, North Carolina to meet up with a motley crew of web developers and talk all things web components at HAX Camp []. I came away with my mind reeling and trying to stay above water on all the interesting stuff I was seeing and hearing in hopes of taking something tangible away. But let me back up for a second and explain why I would end up at an event like that, much less why Reclaim Hosting would be interested in s
I still need to spend some time digging into HAX. 

❤️ btopro tweeted @johnmattdavis V unique venue. Look up reclaim hosting on YouTube. Couple of the videos are up, more should go up next few days including a particularly ranty form of me…even for me. Lots of interesting indieweb stuff that aligns w. Dweb even if not outright doing it

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Bryan, if you’re still in LA and have time, I’d love to sit down for coffee/drink and chat about HAXTheWeb and IndieWeb.

❤️ OnlineCrsLady tweeted I was already excited about #Domains19 ……….. and now I am REALLY excited!!! this is perfect moment for me to learn about HAXcms!

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