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Can’t wait to try out Velox as an IndieWeb friendly theme!
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It doesn’t need to be that difficult if you don’t want the overhead and work. There are already a few paid IndieWeb friendly services that do the work for you:


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I’ve always wanted to build something as an IndieWeb as a Service on my way toward an IndieWeb friendly platform like one of the quick start options that are already out there.

🔖 Post filtering fixes at Homebrew Website Club | Colin Devroe

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Last night Tucker Hottes, Den Temple and I held the first Homebrew Website Club at The Keys in Scranton, PA. I really appreciate that HWC will force me to set aside some time to work on my personal site since it is often neglected for more pressing projects.
Nota bene: Colin is dogfooding his IndieWeb friendly WordPress theme on Github! It’s a beautiful, simple, and very clean theme for a personal website/blog.

Colin, do you mind if we provide a link to your theme on for others to potentially use and/or improve upon? (See also discussion at