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The Indieweb plugin was updated with an icon refresh. This used some of the same code updated in Syndication Links earlier this week. It also added a Mastodon field to the user profile and added a way of displaying that as a Mastodon icon in the profile links on the page.

👓 I decided to work on my website theme for a bit. | David Shanske

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I decided to work on my website theme for a bit. In order to support it, today I shipped(with a minor bug, sorry), a new Indieweb plugin that adds the ability to add the rel-me links inside the h-card widget instead of by themselves. I’m now using it. In my theme, I added support for a dedicated h-card page. I’ll be turning it on on my site likely in future as I experiment with moving my feed off of my main page.

Reply to Bridgy Registration

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I have some functionality in the Bridgy app that allows someone to register for Bridgy for various services. I'm thinking of moving this functionality into the Indieweb plugin. All it is is a series of links that redirect you to the Bridgy site and redirect back when done.

That seems like Indieweb plugin territory.

I think there’s certainly a case to be made that it may make sense to include it in the IndieWeb plugin, particularly as it’s often a one time set up operation.

I also think that it might make a lot of sense to put that piece into the Syndication Links plugin as well since that’s a piece that directly relates to something is looking for to do backfeed. Doing this may also make even more sense if Syndication Links becomes a tool for POSSE as well. It would be nice to have a definitive one-stop-shop for syndication and backfeed related functionality.

As a “throw-away” aside, if you’re looking for a good name for such a thing, perhaps Boomerang? Throw your content out there and all the responses return back to your site?