🧩 World Map Jigsaw Puzzle and Matching Poster – 200-pieces | Crocodile Creek

Played World Map Jigsaw Puzzle and Matching Poster – 200-pieces (Crocodile Creek)
Crocodile Creek's World Map 200-piece jigsaw puzzle and matching poster will delight ages 6 and up. The finished puzzle measures to be 19” wide by 13” high. The puzzle has beautiful, colorful artwork that depicts the world and animals that are indigenous to specific continents and oceans. The same image is on the poster which makes putting the puzzle together easier. When puzzle is not in use, stores easily in sturdy cardboard cylinder with rope handle. All Crocodile Creek's puzzles are printed with soy-based in and made of strong high-quality blue board ensuring that the pieces will tear or break.
Had some fun putting a puzzle together until we realized one piece was missing.

It’s a cute puzzle and the materials are really solid, particularly for a jigsaw puzzle. It would have been prettier at twice the size though.

A cute little monkey also thought that the hammerhead shark should be above the dolphin which caused some of the pieces not to fit together for a while.