🎙 A microcast about microcasts in under an hour

A microcast about microcasts in under an hour
I’ve wanted to create a podcast for a long time, but the effort involved just seemed like too much. So using my own website, I thought I’d see what I could come up with in under an hour in terms of creation and posting. Here’s the first “episode” of my microcast which I’ve conceived of, created, and posted in under an hour with equipment I happen to have on hand:

Running time: 9m 45s | Download (3.90 MB) | Subscribe by RSS | Huffduff

👓 🎧 Mobile blogging goals (audio) | Colin Devroe

Listened to Mobile blogging goals (audio) by Colin Devroe from cdevroe.com

Recorded September 10, 2017

Starting with this audio bit I’m making a few changes.

I’m ditching the episode numbers. My audio bits are not a podcast, they aren’t really episodes, and keeping track of the numbers is just more work. I will, however, denote in the title that this is an audio post.

I’m also switching to the audio format that comes directly out of Voice Memos on the iPhone rather than doing the work of converting the file to MP3. If you have any issues listening to this audio file please let me know.

Enjoy the listen!