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Generations and The Inevitable Death of Soul I imagined our time on the First and 15th as a geek out session. We do not have a lot of space anymore for earnest appreciation. We have to protect our backstages on social media and actively shape our front stages for all of life. It is difficult to drop the affect of cool when there are so many attendant rewards for being cool. But, I would like to drop it anyway, for a bit.

What is smark?

Wrestling fans use “smark” to mean one who can enjoy professional U.S. wrestling while also knowing that it is fake. First of all, wrestling is not fake. So there.

I use smark to mean: smart+snark. We can take serious things seriously without losing our appreciation for the absurd.


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I moved departments and subsequently desks. It is interesting how the space you work can influence you. It has provided me a totally different perspective on the project, as well as feel more at home as I was the only one in my old team bridging the ...

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A Complete Guide to set up email Newsletter using MailChimp RSS to Email feature. Learn how to use MailChimp RSS Campaign to send an automated Newsletter.
Nothing stupendous here that I couldn’t figure out by just moving my way through Mail Chimp’s online workflow. Of course this probably speaks reasonably well of Mail Chimp’s user interface.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a weekly newsletter up and running.