Read Driving The Reclaim Process Using Terms Of Service Didn't Read by Kin Lane (Kin Lane)
I’m thinking through some of the next steps for my Reclaim Your Domain process, in preparation for a hackathon we have going on this weekend. Based upon defining, and executing on my own #Reclaim process, I want to come up with a v1 proposal, for one possible vision for the larger #Reclaim lifecycle.

👓 Node.JS comes to Reclaim Hosting | Tim Owens

Read Node.JS comes to Reclaim Hosting by Tim Owens (Throw Out The Manual)
I'm very excited to announce that starting today it is now possible to build and run Node.JS applications on Reclaim Hosting. Similar to the Python and Ruby features that make running Django and Jekyll possible, Node.JS is a third party plugin integrated into the Software area of cPanel.