Bookmarked Jump-starting life? Fundamental aspects of synthetic biology (Journal of Cell Biology | Rockefeller University Press |
What is life and how could it originate? This question lies at the core of understanding the cell as the smallest living unit. Although we are witnessing a golden era of the life sciences, we are ironically still far from giving a convincing answer to this question. In this short article, I argue why synthetic biology in conjunction with the quantitative sciences may provide us with new concepts and tools to address it.
Michael Marshall in He may have found the key to the origins of life. So why have so few heard of him? ()

Synthetic Biology’s Hunt for the Genetic Transistor | IEEE Spectrum

Read Synthetic Biology's Hunt for the Genetic Transistor (
How genetic circuits will unlock the true potential of bioengineering 
This is a great short article on bioengineering and synthetic biology written for the layperson. It’s also one of the best crash courses I’ve read on genetics in a while.