Read Folding a round paper plate into square box by Matt Maldre (Spudart)
Most origami starts with a square sheet of paper. The corners of the square are integral to shapes and folding lines. Would it be possible to fold a ROUND sheet of paper into a SQUARE box? And not just any ordinary round sheet of paper, but a PAPER PLATE. Maybe your blueberries are rolling off …
And of course he’s got some Xerox art in here as well! 😉
Read Whenever you see a Xerox machine in a public place, xerox your face by Matt Maldre (Spudart)
I have a long-standing goal of whenever I see a xerox machine in a public place, to scan my face. My wife and I did one on our honeymoon in France. The copy machine was tucked away in the back of a Monoprix supermarket in Avignon while we were picking up some food storage containers. …
Read Thoughts about xeroxing your face by Matt Maldre (Spudart)
A few days ago I xeroxed my face on our copier at work. The scanning bed was left open, and was just begging for something fun to be done. The copier machine at Tribune Content Agency and Chicago Magazine I did one copy of my face, then I grabbed a coworker and we each did …
I love the idea of this. Since the 80’s are having a resurgence in throw-back theme parties, people should definitely rent Xerox machines to practice this lost art form.

Practicing this with kids is an even more fun idea.

Where’d I put my Xerox machine???