The neighborhood coyote is nothing if not punctual

The neighborhood coyote is nothing if not punctual
The neighborhood coyote is nothing if not punctual
Every day for the past several days, our local coyote has come sauntering down the street at about the same time.

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Photo taken at: Little Free Library #8424

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37 thoughts on “The neighborhood coyote is nothing if not punctual”

  1. I think there are three in our neighborhood. I wonder at this one because I usually see him going up the hill the other direction right at dusk. We are having a drought and it’s about 93 degrees outside, so perhaps there are other factors??

  2. We’ve got a never ending supply of missing pet fliers around the neighborhood, though their frequency has diminished significantly in the last 4 months. It just always seems odd to have guys like this and P-22 nearby given the sprawling metropolis in which we live.

  3. I saw one at 1 pm in the flats of Encino last week. We used to see “missing pet” fliers in Bev Glen canyon when we lived up there. One flier said “No Questions Asked” at the top and we said to each other, “What would you ask the coyote if you could speak to him?”


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