👓 Petition to Re-License React has been Escalated to Facebook‚Äôs Engineering Directors | WP Tavern

Read Petition to Re-License React has been Escalated to Facebook’s Engineering Directors by Sarah Gooding (WP Tavern)
React users are petitioning Facebook to re-license React.js after the Apache Software Foundation announced its decision to ban Apache PMC members from using any technology licensed with Facebook‚Äôs BSD+Patents License. So far the GitHub issue has received 627 ‚Äúthumbs up‚ÄĚ emoji and 66 comments from concerned React users who are hoping for a change in licensing. Many respondents on the thread said that ASF‚Äôs decision affects their organizations‚Äô ability to continue using React in projects. ‚ÄúApache CouchDB and others will switch away from React if we have to,‚ÄĚ CouchDB committer Robert Newson said. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôd rather not, it‚Äôs a lot of work for no real gain, but we don‚Äôt have a choice. Changing license can be simple (RocksDB completed that change in a day).‚ÄĚ

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