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Read Subscription Attrition by Ben Brooks (The Brooks Review)
I‚Äôve been running this site as a ‚Äúmember‚ÄĚ supported site since July of 2012. That‚Äôs what I call my subscription based, paywall model, a member-site. I‚Äôve tried a lot of different methods to what I charge for, over the years, so I know a thing or two about subscriptions. I‚Äôm not selling software, but the consumer mindset on most any recurring payment is similar across the aisles. I‚Äôm sure Amazon could tell you some amazing stories about people being unwilling to use ‚ÄėSubscribe and Save‚Äô, but we are going to have to wait awhile for that TED talk.

Some interesting thoughts on diminishing returns and subscription pricing for personal blogs and related content.

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