👓 Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy plans to retire amid sex scandal | USA Today

Read Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy plans to retire amid sex scandal (USA TODAY)
The announcement comes a day after the pro-life lawmaker allegedly asked his mistress to get an abortion.
The inconsistency of most Republicans and the anti-abortion crowd really kills me. It’s fine for them when the situation presents itself, but isn’t appropriate for anyone else?

If only the people who protest so vociferously and who spend money to fight abortion would instead spend their time and money to support the adoption and care of all these unwanted children, the problem would be so drastically different. You have to care about the lives after they are born or you’re just being hypocritical, otherwise, just what are you really saving? Do they want to save and add to the suffering in the world? Should they be called pro-suffering activists instead of anti-abortion?

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