🎧 This Week in Google 419 Foie Gras Lollipop | TWiT.TV

Listened to This Week in Google 419 Foie Gras Lollipop by Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, Jason Howell from TWiT.tv

Google partners with Walmart to take on Amazon. Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition clears the FTC. Google Home gets phone calling and Bluetooth features. Supreme Court may have to decide if you can google that on Bing. New Chromebook Pixel and Google Home Dot? Google Assistant headphones? Treble might work on existing phones. Android Oreo is official. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is super expensive - unless you bought a Note 7. Terms of service controversies from Sonos, Plex, and Uber. Plus: Hamburger Helper, peanut butter Oreos, foie gras lollipops, queso, bisto, and chicken in a can.

  • Jeff's number: What FB is paying and expecting for Watch episodes
  • Stacey's thing: The Prepared
  • Jason's tool: Google's Inbox can finally show multiple email accounts at once

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