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Listened to This Week in Tech 654 Bye, Bye Mr. Ajit Pai by Leo Laporte from TWiT.tv
News publishers violated copyright by embedding a tweet. Are video games to blame for the Florida school shooting? A drone causes a helicopter to crash. Are we seeing the end of Facebook? Apple isn't making as much money on the HomePod compared to other products. The controversial Snapchat update. What to expect from Mobile World Congress. An amazing $300M deal for a showrunner at Netflix, and more.

Owen was spot on in a lot of his assessment in this episode. His advice on raising kids is very sharp here.

The discussion of the Netflix deal was a bit shallow. I suspect the massive multi-million dollar deal had some serious performance pegs set into it, otherwise it doesn’t pay out as richly. It’s remniscent of some of Leo Laporte’s recent coverage of Casey Neistat’s deal unwinding at CNN. While it was a multi-million dollar deal, there were performance thresholds pegged in which he didn’t perform, so he ended up with relatively little in the process. The bigger issue in that case was that it appeared that neither CNN or Neistat had any solid idea of what he would be doing at CNN before entering the deal. I highly suspect this isn’t the case in Ryan Murphy’s situation, though he may have some material that is tied up in prior deals which may hobble him moving forward. Cases when major creatives/producers have moved from one home to another don’t always do well however.

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