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Listened to This Week in Google 445 The Mortician's Wife by Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Kevin Tofel, Joan Donovan from TWiT.tv
Conspiracy theories arise online and off about the Florida school shooting. A Twitter bot purge significantly reduces the follower counts of conservative users, but Twitter claims it's not political. Google removes the 'view image' button from search results to appease photographers, and a federal judge says that embedding a tweet can be a copyright infringement. Has Google become too big? Plenty of examples featured in a New York Times article suggest that Google has been trying to suppress competition, prompting some critics to say the government should step in. Edible Arrangements also goes after Google because its competitors show up in search results. Google AI can now predict heart attacks through an eye scan. Jeff's number: 1,226,247, the number of people who signed the Change.org petition to revert to the old Snapchat. Kevin's pick: Secure Shell for coding on Chromebooks Joan's pick: Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism


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