👓 Why Mueller Has to Expose Trump’s Crooked Business Empire | Daily Intelligencer | New York Magazine

Read Why Mueller Has to Expose Trump’s Crooked Business Empire by Jonathan Chait (Daily Intelligencer)
If Trump is laundering money, and he probably is, the Russians know about it. So do Michael Cohen’s gangster friends.
I read the story about Trump’s empire the other day and remarked about how screwwy the situation seemed and wondered where the investigation into his businesses and taxes was and why we hadn’t heard much about it. Well it seems to be coming out in more force.

In this article, Chait indicates what is only incredibly obliquely implied in that Washington Post article: Trump is likely laundering money for Russian concerns for he can’t honestly have the native cash flow from honest dealings to be spending the way he has. This is a much more stark take on this recent financial reporting.

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