🎧 Episode 335: Kind Of A Challenge For Newcomers | Core Intuition

Listened to Episode 335: Kind Of A Challenge For Newcomers by Daniel Jalkut, Manton Reece from Core Intuition
Daniel and Manton catch up after traveling to Chicago and Portland, respectively. Manton reflects on the IndieWeb Summit and the inspiration he took away from that event. They talk about learning to balance “business emergencies” with other obligations, and other indie business skills. Finally, they respond to Apple’s new Maps announcements, and whether Apple’s stance on privacy is an excuse for poor user experiences. Links:
  • IndieWeb Summit – The Portland-based unConference that Manton attended recently.
  • IndieAuth for Micro.blog – Manton’s blog post about adding support for IndieAuth to the service.
  • IndieWeb Wrap-Up – Manton’s blog post looking back on his time at the IndieWeb Summit.
  • Micro.blog Slack – Sign-up form for the Micro.blog community Slack team.
  • PostStatus.com – A community of WordPress professionals.
  • WordCamp Boston – A WordPress-oriented unConference in Boston starting July 21.
  • Prompt – Panic’s SSH client for iOS.
  • Apple is Rebuilding Maps – Exclusive by Matthew Panzarino for TechCrunch.
  • Google Maps’s Moat – Justin O’Beirne’s analysis of Google Maps’s technological advantages.
  • Resources up the Yang – Matthew Panzarino joins John Gruber on The Talk Show.

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