Hi Chris
LaTex examples are some of the examples I give in my Getting Started notebooks. For example: https://notebooks.azure.com/OUsefulInfo/libraries/gettingstarted/html/3.2.0%20Generating%20Embedded%20Diagrams.ipynb

It becomes more interesting the higher the levels of abstraction you have access to. eg the bloques LaTeX package for control diagrams. On my to do list is trying to provide some higher level blocks for mechanics / trolley drawing etc.

Generating diagrams from other languages is also attractive. For example, this electronics notebook https://notebooks.azure.com/OUsefulInfo/libraries/gettingstarted/html/3.6.0%20Electronics.ipynb shows how you can define a circuit then render a circuit diagram and analyse the circuit from the model that is created.

Plugging various tools that work at different levels of abstraction in chemistry topics is also interesting too, I think: https://notebooks.azure.com/OUsefulInfo/libraries/gettingstarted/html/3.1.1%20Chemical%20Equations.ipynb and https://notebooks.azure.com/OUsefulInfo/libraries/gettingstarted/html/3.1.0%20Chemistry%20Packages.ipynb for example.