🎧 Episode 002 ‚Äď James Bond and Wonder Woman | Media and the End of the World Podcast

black and white picture of a view up at a building with an ominous cloudy sky in the background. The majority of the photo is covered by the title of the show in a typeface that evokes horror movies of the 60's
Listened to Episode 002 ‚Äď James Bond and Wonder Woman by Adam Croom and Ralph Beliveau

On this episode, Adam and Ralph have their first guest, Dr. Lisa Funnell. Dr. Funnell‚Äôs research explores the performance and intersection of identities‚ÄĒspecifically gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and ethnicity‚ÄĒin Hong Kong martial arts films, Hollywood blockbusters, and the James Bond franchise. We recognize we should have held out this discussion for episode 007, but we were too excited to contain ourselves.

Show Notes

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