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Listened to Our Favorite Answers By Listeners to the 7 Questions by Alan Alda from Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda

We love hearing from our listeners! Through social media and email, you've been sending us your own answers to "Alan's 7 Questions" and we've been having a great time reading through all your witty, smart, and often poignant responses. In this episode, we're highlighting all of our favorites! We want to keep hearing from you, so please continue to write us at: podcast@aldacommunication.com or get social with us on Twitter @alda, or on Facebook and Instagram at "ClearandVivid." Thanks for listening and enjoy the show -- dedicated to all of you!

I appreciate the fact that they did this episode to have some more two way conversation between those on the show and their audience. Makes me think they would appreciate and benefit from taking a more IndieWeb approach to their web presence.

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