Read Posts with Read Status via PESOS using GoodReads and Micropub

Today I accidentally realized that both the WordPress Micropub server and the Post Kinds plugin support read-status values of “to-read”, “reading”, and “finished”. I’ve managed to tweak my PESOS work flow with to also include these experimental pieces using the following additional snippets of code appended to the “Body” fields I’ve described before:


I’ve added one of the three snippets to the appropriate recipes for  Goodreads feeds to create the appropriate output. Here’s the first post I’ve made using the new recipe for bookmarking a book I’d like to read:

Previously I’ve been using simple notes to create read posts for books and just adding a “read” category to give me more control over the data in the posts. (I only used read posts previously for online articles.) Now that I’ve got the ability to provide some better differentiation for my progress, I think I’ll switch to using read posts for all my reading (books and articles).

Incidentally following and Indigenous for Android which added support for these earlier today, my method may be the third to use these microformats in the wild. Thanks to gRegor Morrill, Kristof De Jaeger, David Shanske, Ryan Barrett, and Charlotte Allen for their prior work, experimentation, code, and examples for allowing me to get this working on my website. 

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10 thoughts on “Read Posts with Read Status via PESOS using GoodReads and Micropub”

    1. That’s definitely a solid-sounding feature request to post in the issue queue.

      It might also make a somewhat reasonable beginner pull request if you wanted to tackle something like in the code.

      I’ll note for doing this manually, one could add a database row in mySQL in the wp_postmeta table with the following values:
      meta_key: mf2_read-status       
      meta_value: a:1:{i:0;s:7:"to-read";}

      Adding this pair will cause Post Kinds to display the Read as the sub-type “Want to Read” in the resulting post. For the other two types you’d want to replace "to-read" with either "reading" or "finished". I’ve tried it out on a few prior posts and it seems to work pretty well.

      I might recommend doing this in the admin UI using custom fields, but if I recall correctly, doing it that way will add some additional code that will prevent Post Kinds from finding and displaying it properly.

      1. I guess it might also be something that I could put into a separate plugin? I remember David talking about that a while back for additional kinds. I found the RSVP information in the repository. I might have a look and see what I can do.
        Thank you Chris for the encouragement.


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