Read Tag editor freezes in Chrome on macOS if there are a large number of suggestions present · Issue #1606 · hypothesis/client (GitHub)
Steps to reproduce Apply the following diff to the client code (I tested against the v1.261.0 tag) diff --git a/src/sidebar/services/tags.js b/src/sidebar/services/tags.js index a897251d..8024bf2b ...
Followed the details here to clear my tag caches for Hopefully I won’t see anymore crashes of Chrome.
Read iCal, RSS and CSV feeds (
A cool way to extend’s calendar and user data is through iCal, RSS, and CSV feeds. Trakt VIP members get access to a bunch of feeds throughout the site. Read on for what’s available and for cool things you use the feeds for.
I’m sort of tempted to pay for a membership, but it doesn’t seem like they provide permalinks for watches or ratings, though there are links for comments. Not sure I’d get those, so in the end it becomes another silo, albeit one with more social related data than IMDb or others seem to provide, though not contextual data.
Read 'American Dirt' was supposed to be a publishing triumph. What went wrong? by Daniel Hernandez (Los Angeles Times)
Celebrities endorsed 'American Dirt' — then the reactions on Twitter turned negative. Cries of appropriation — and barb-wire dinner pieces — spark scorn for book
Certainly an interesting controversy to watch. This is also uncovering a lot of fluff promotional material by people who are endorsing books without having read or even vaguely vetted them. The upshot seems to be never to trust blurbs or reviews by famous people.
Read Opinion | The Post’s misguided suspension of Felicia Sonmez over Kobe Bryant tweets (Washington Post)
A veteran reporter tweets out a news story about Kobe Bryant. What's the problem?
There is an odd standard here. I’m hoping she’ll be reinstated quickly when the editors realize they’re idiots.
Read From Judy Woodruff: Longtime PBS NewsHour Anchor and Co-Founder Jim Lehrer Has Passed Away at 85 (PBS NewsHour)
Washington, DC (January 23, 2020) -- It is with great sadness that I share the news that co-founder and longtime anchor of the PBS NewsHour Jim Lehrer died today, Thursday, January 23, 2020, peacefully in his sleep at home. Lehrer, born May 19, 1934, served as anchor of the NewsHour for 36 years before retiring in 2011. Lehrer and Robert MacNeil founded the program in 1975, out of their 1973 coverage of the Senate Watergate Hearings on PBS. "I'm
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Read How the Washington Post pulled off the hardest trick in journalism (Columbia Journalism Review)
The Post has pulled off theneat trick of combining prestige journalism with a shadow clickbait factory that puts out a steady flow of fast-turnaround, aggregated stories grasping at virality.
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