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Owning my Untappd Content

As a pre-IndieWebCamp Austin exercise, I’ve gone back and imported all of my Untappd data into my own website. It wasn’t too painful since I only had one post which didn’t include very much data.

To put the cherry on top of the dessert, I’ve created a PESOS workflow that uses my Untappd RSS feed to import future posts into my site automatically using webhooks to my Micropub endpoint. I still need to do a bit of testing and see if I can figure out if there is an mf2 prefix I should be adding to tell Post Kinds that the post is a “drink”. I suspect there isn’t since they don’t really have a microformat associated with them.

Maybe off in the future I’ll tweak the presentation of my drink posts to differentiate between coffee/tea, cocktails, beer, and other generic drinks so that I can have custom per-type icons that match up with the drink types. Maybe I can do it the same sort of way that the Post Kinds plugin has the ability to differentiate Read posts with small differences to indicate “want to read”, “reading”, and “finished”? Though honestly that type of data differentiation may be more trouble than it’s worth, particularly since I’m reading much more often than I drink.

I’ll also want to take a closer look at the IndieWeb wiki for both Untappd and drink/food posts and some other examples before deciding on anything too specific.

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8 thoughts on “Owning my Untappd Content”

    1. I don’t have it at the moment, but since Post Kinds supports Aaron’s Teacup (https://teacup.p3k.io/ which is also on GitHub) that looks like what I remember using and should work. Teacup would send the following in JSON according to the docs:
      I still have a bug somewhere to work out but may not be able to get to it tonight.

        1. Their RSS channel can be slower at some times than others. I noticed it was a bit last night, though I have been receiving posts this morning, and the posts seem to range from 4-34 minutes from post to receipt. The average seems to be about 18 minutes over about 8 posts. I did just log into my account to send you the code snippet I’m using, but when I click on the “settings” buttons for any of my applets, I’m getting nothing back, so it’s possible that they’re having server issues at the moment?

  1. My Zapier solution works when it works and infuriates me when it does not. One challenge with Zapier is that the solution requires two calls to WordPress; one to grab the media file and upload to WordPress, a second to create the post entry and attach the previous uploaded media file as a featured image.



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