Close up of Shaw Walker badge at the top front of the filing cabinet.

Acquisition: Shaw-Walker Furniture Company 4 drawer vintage filing cabinet

On February 7th, I picked up a Shaw-Walker 4 drawer filing cabinet that someone had decided to leave for scrap. Despite some serious rust and a few physical holes on the bottom, most of the cabinet is in reasonable shape and functional. The locking mechanism is still mostly in place, though the piece is missing the locks and keys. Each of the drawers has one or more file stops, of a few different styles.

It contained a handful of paperclips, some sewing patterns, and some check stubs from 1976. I suspect it’s likely from the late 40s to early 60s, but it’ll require some research to track down a more specific manufacturing date as the interior has no immediate clues.

Given the general condition and rust, I think I’m going to fast track it for refinishing this month before I tackle the monster, which portends quite a bit more work and effort.

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One thought on “Acquisition: Shaw-Walker Furniture Company 4 drawer vintage filing cabinet”

  1. Made some good progress on furniture refinishing projects today. The weather has finally warmed up a bit for improved painting and drying times.
    Day Four on the Shaw-Walker Filing Cabinet

    Rust mitigation, sanded, cleaned, and primed all four drawers, primarily the front faces and edges, though the full bottom on one drawer;
    Primed the bottom of the cabinet to prevent further rusting;
    Next steps:

    Choose a paint color and get clear coat;
    I’m half tempted to mount onto steel plate and add casters, otherwise felt stripping/feet to prevent scratching floors;
    Finish cleaning hardware (not sure how much better these might get without replating) and remount

    Day two on the Steelcase stick leg office chair #2

    Spray painted all sides with two coats and left to dry
    Sanded down the chair back, washed it, and spray painted with two coats and left to dry.
    Next steps:

    Clear coat;
    Reupholster the seat (same Quidditch material as the other?);
    Fix broken foot on one leg;
    Strip and refinish chair #1

    Syndicated copies:

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