Brown Smith-Corona Skyriter typewriter with green keys sits on a rustic wooden table with a glass top in the Blue Room of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. In the background is a large pillar made of books and the walls painted in black have a variety of sporting memorabilia.

Cardboard box with the image of a blue stamped typewriter on it. The typewriter in the stamp looks surprisingly similar to the 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter on which the box is sitting.

Blue typewriter stamp on brown cardboard box background.

Contents of an order from Ribbons Unlimited laid out on a crafting mat. On the left are a pair of Remington metal hubs with black and purple ribbon. To the right are a pair of small spools for a Skyriter with black ribbon and next to this are business cards and stickers from the company.

Index card typewritten in black ink which reads: My order from Ribbons Unlimited just arrived. I now have the correct sized ribbon spools for this Smith-Corona Skyriter. You have to love their packaging and old school re-ordering stickers. They also have a custom typewriter stamp with a machine that despite its blurry nature, looks like a 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe.

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