My newest IndieWeb desire: The ability to watch and simultaneously screencapture, gif-ify, and otherwise live note a movie with commentary and quotes on my website (roughly in real time without distracting from it too much) the way Bix has done with The Desk Set on Twitter. I’d love to do it as a running collection perhaps. Maybe not too dis-similarly to the way that ThreadReader app presents it.

Do any television sets do automated screencaptures or gifs yet? And can anyone post from a television set to their website? Where is the micropub client for that? I want to see movie reviews like this. Film Threat perhaps?

Marty’s app Kapowski is maybe a start for this? I used to have a DVD tool on my computer that would do screencaptures relatively easy, but who has those anymore? Anyone else have ideas?

Screencapture of Tracy and Hepburn in the movie The Desk Set.

👓 IndieWebCamps | David Shanske

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This is a list of all the IndieWebCamps I’ve attended since I joined the community in April of 2014. I’m positive I may be missing some remote attendance, but excluding the two Online IndieWebCamps, and the three where I was a remote participant, I have physically attended 18 IndieWebCamps…2 in 2014, 2 in 2015, 4 in 2016, 3 in 2017,4 in 2018, and 3 so far in 2019.
You’ve got me beat.

👓 Week in 08-12-18 | John Johnston

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in praise of my body
Web as Social Network
I Watch Movies Microcast
mini communities
Now and Then
Federated Wiki
0.39% of the web.
Inoreader as an IndieWeb feedreader
IndyWeb frustrations

I like this small list of bookmarks that John has created as his personal list of highlights from for the week.

Hand curated discovery still has a place on the web, particularly for people in whom you have a level of trust. I’d take this anytime over the algorithmic ideas that Twitter or Facebook might give me.