👓 Teacher Fired Gun in Classroom, Barricaded Himself: Police | Time

Read Teacher Fired Gun in Classroom and Barricaded Himself at Georgia High School, Police Say by Associated Press (Time)
Police in Georgia say officers have responded to reports of shots fired at a Dalton high school and a teacher is now in custody
Saddened to hear about this school shooting incident at the neighboring high school just 23 miles from Calhoun High School, which I attended in Georgia. I remember driving to Dalton High School to take my S.A.T.s and frequently attend football and soccer games.

It’s potentially proof that arming teachers isn’t the great idea many thought it might have been just a week ago.

This now makes three school shootings in communities that I’ve either been directly touched by or been in close proximity to following two others: a shooting at Johns Hopkins in April 1996 involving a friend who was staying in my apartment at the time and the Heath High School Shooting in Paducah, KY in 1997 in the town where I’d lived briefly in 1996.

This has long since ceased to be a political issue and is a pressing public health issue that needs to be addressed on multiple levels.