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I don’t see a quick link to it, but is the @NurevaEducation “wall” available to remote attendees of ? Where do we find it?
I’m reminded by conversations at E21 Consortium’s Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century Education (#e21sym) today about a short essay by Michael Nielsen (t) which I saw the other day on volitional philanthropy that could potentially be applied to AI in education in interesting ways.

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Join us for a day of disruptive dialogue about Artificial Intelligence and 21st Century Education in Ottawa, an annual international symposium hosted by the University of Ottawa in collaboration with Carleton University, St. Paul University, Algonquin College, La Cité, and the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pedagogique (CFORP).
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Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century Education
13:00 – 14:15
Probe 3: How might an ethically and morally-informed AI be conceived in a culturally diverse global context? How might we realize a more equitably-designed, developed and deployed AI in light of the rate and range of disruption some have forecast as inevitable?
Panel: Abhishek Gupta, Nevena Francetic, Stephen Downes and video clips of Timnit Gebru & Rediet Abebe
Facilitator: Tylor Burrows
For the #e21sym question about Amazon’s AI discriminating against women, we do have some control. This article about how Sears helped to provide equality in the Jim Crow south is a great historical example of how economics can create equality:

❤️ Downes tweet: The panel I’m on at #E21Sym will be live streamed any minute now

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❤️ Downes tweet: I’m at “Education in the 21st Century: A Symposium on Artificial Intelligence” today at the University of Ottawa.

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