👓 How Not to Report on an Earthquake | New York Times

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What I got wrong in Haiti in 2010, and why it matters.
I’m not quite surprised at several of these at all. I am surprised that there are so many that are regularly and poorly reported however. People are too focused on the “story” and the expected narrative to get parts of the reporting right.

👓 We Aren’t Ready For Hurricanes Like Florence | Five Thirty Eight

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Despite Harvey and Rita and Sandy and Katrina and …
A FiveThirtyEight Chat

Hurricane Florence is headed for the Carolinas. What should the country do to prepare for storms that are getting stronger? NOAA / GETTY IMAGES cwick (Chadwick Matlin, features editor): Hello, everyone! We’re here to discuss the tremendously big, tremendously dangerous hurricane headed for the coast of the Carolinas. It has been a relatively quiet season — before Thursday, no named hurricane had made landfall in the contiguous 48 — but Hurricane Florence is piercing the calm. Many other sites have great graphics about Florence and the devastation it will likely cause, so we’re here to talk more about the science of what’s happening — and what governments should do about these destructive hurricanes that keep heading for our shores.

First question for you all: What about Florence is most striking for you?