Read Open is Cancelled by A bee with a blog (Medium)
Before you read this, I want you to go and take a peek here. Stay with it until the end.
A dramatic reframing, and apparently a very much needed one. This (and the referenced article within it) are a must read.

I’ll have to think about this and revisit the broader idea a couple of times to really digest it.

Bookmarked Unsettled by Colin Woodard (Press Herald)

Triumph and tragedy in Maine's Indian country

Staff Writer Colin Woodard spent more than a year researching “Unsettled,” logging thousands of miles and more than 250 hours of interviews with some 70 sources, including past governors of Maine and the reservations, tribal elders, councilors and activists, as well as attorneys, state officials, police officers and academic experts.

This looks like a stunning long read! I love that the Press Herald bundled it up into an e-book as well. I wish more newspapers did this sort of aggregate publishing. 

👓 What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing | The Atlantic

Read What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing (The Atlantic)
When men of color see themselves in the embattled Supreme Court justice, they’re not seeing the bigger picture.
This is one of the more important ideas and perspectives to come out of the Kavanaugh hearings. We should be thinking about and fixing this problem as well.