👓 The evolution of linkblogging | Manton Reece

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In my posts about defining what makes a microblog post and guidelines for RSS, I talked a little about links but didn’t explore linkblogging. While many blog authors post primarily long essays, shorter link blogs are a common approach for bloggers who want to post new content several times a day. ...

Some subtle, but valuable disntinctions here. When is a bookmark not a bookmark.

👓 12 days of microblogging: linkblogging | Manton Reece

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For the 7th post in our 12 days of microblogging series, I want to talk about linkblogging. Micro.blog users have a variety of approaches to posting links on their blog. Some people read an interesting article and type in a summary of it, pasting in the URL to the full article, and some people prefe...