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Dear Dispatch reader, Jonah and I strongly prefer covering and analyzing current events to being the news. But some developments over the past few weeks mean that we’ll be the focus of some reporting and attention and we wanted you to hear it from us first.
Center-right journalists Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg of The Dispatch have severed ties with Fox News over a misinformation campaign from Tucker Carlson based on the January 6 events.
Kudos to them for drawing a line on this issue.
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It’s time to socially distance real journalism from Trump
In the interest of protecting the nation’s health, it is time to socially distance ourselves from the crazy things that President Trump keeps saying.
Read - Want to Read: First Draft teaches journalists how to avoid amplifying misinformation by Chase Budnieski (
Claire Wardle stood in front of a lecture hall filled with local journalists, smirking while they struggled to write a headline without amplifying the misinformation they were...
This is my first read post from Indigenous.

👓 Muslim Woman Ignores Dying Victim of London Terror Attack? | Snopes

Read Muslim Woman Ignores Dying Victim of London Terror Attack? by Dan Evon (
On 22 March 2017, an attack took place outside the British Parliament in London during which a man drove a vehicle into a crowd of people on the Westminster Bridge. As police responded to the incident, which left four people dead, a photograph showing a woman dressed in a hijab with a cell phone in ...
A potential interesting case study for the “Made to Stick” arena.