👓 The IndieWeb Movement Will Help People Control Their Own Web Presence? | Future Hosting

Read The IndieWeb Movement Will Help People Control Their Own Web Presence? by Matthew Davis (Future Hosting)
The early vision of the web was one of a decentralized and somewhat anarchic community where we each had control over our own content and our own online presence — that’s a vision that Tim Berners-Lee still endorses, but it’s one that’s put in jeopardy by the relentless centralizing tendency of big companies. And that’s why I find the Indie Web movement so interesting — not as a rejection of the corporate influence, but as a much needed counterbalance that provides the technology for people, should they so choose, to build an online presence of their own devising without giving up the communities and the connections that they have built on existing networks.

A short and succinct definition of the movement and just a few of the positive pieces. I think the movement is further along than the author gives it credit for though.

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👓 Fuck Facebook | Daring Fireball

Read Fuck Facebook by John Gruber (Daring Fireball)
Treat Facebook as the private walled garden that it is. If you want something to be publicly accessible, post it to a real blog on any platform that embraces the real web, the open one.

Content that isn’t indexable by search engines is not part of the open web.

John Gruber

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👓 Welcome Back! Let’s fight for an Open Web | Michael McCallister

Read Welcome Back! Let’s fight for an Open Web by Michael McCalllisterMichael McCalllister (Notes from the Metaverse)
A few weeks ago, I was preparing a talk on WordPress at a local university. I knew that posting here at Notes from the Metaverse was on the erratic side in recent months. Yet it was something of a shock to discover that more than a year had gone by!
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