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Journalism people say Google is bad at journalism. I must be missing it but why don't they fix it and get Google out of their business. They don't feel they're responsible for anything, not even what they do. Of course Google sucks at journalism. What Google does the best is keep a huge network of computers running against unbelievable attacks from everywhere. The bad guys must always be trying to knock them down. Yet their servers are reliable and run fast. That's what they do best. Everything else is so-so.

The beginnings of a blogroll

Inspired by Richard MacManus’ recent post, I spent a little bit of time rebuilding/refreshing some old blogroll functionality (cum follow list functionality) into my site.

It’s far from finished (particularly from the data perspective), but it’s starting to shape up and look like something. I’m currently publishing an Indieweb blogroll on my front page. (Don’t presume anything if you’re not on it yet, I’ve a long way to go.) I’m still contemplating how to break it up into more manageable/consumable chunks primarily for myself, but also for others like Richard who were looking for ways to subscribe to others in this particular community.

For those who have readers that allow them to either subscribe to OPML files and/or import them, here’s my open OPML file. It’s a full firehose of everything, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to divide it into chunks more easily. I’d recommend subscribing to it if you can as it’s sure to see some reasonable changes in the coming weeks/months.

A snippet of the admin UI of my blogroll functionality. Pictures are always nice!