Snark Hosts Summertime Film Festival | Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 12, 1995

Reposted Snark Hosts Summertime Film Festival (Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 12, 1995)
Chris Aldrich is a movie machine.

He directs the Reel World film series, a long-standing weekly feature at Homewood during the academic year. Along with fellow film junkie Matthew Gross, he is chairing the 1995 Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium celebrating the first 100 years of motion pictures, which is always an incredibly labor-intensive student-run project.

And to fill up those lazy summer days, he has created the Snark Summer Film Festival–106 feature films in 45 consecutive days–from June 16 through July 30.

All screenings are free.

The nightly dose of double (and sometime triple) features will be held at Shriver Hall, at Homewood, with the first film beginning promptly at 8 p.m. Generally a few short films will start the evening, and there will be a five-minute intermission between feature films.

The following is the tentative schedule for the Snark Summer Film Festival. For a complete listing and to confirm dates, films and times, call (410) 516-8666.

Friday, June 16: Bogart
The Big Sleep

Saturday, June 17: American Classics
The Great Train Robbery,
Citizen Kane,

Sunday, June 18: Polanski
Two Men and a Wardrobe,
Knife in the Water,

Monday, June 19: Godard
All the Boys Are Named Patrick,

Tuesday, June 20: German Expressionism
The Student of Prague,
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,
The Golem: How He Came into the World

Wednesday, June 21: Kurosawa
Seven Samurai

Thursday, June 22: Hitchcock

Friday, June 23: Chaplin
Steamboat Willie,
Modern Times,
Steamboat Bill Jr.

Saturday, June 24: Classic Horror Films
The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
The Phantom of the Opera,
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Sunday, June 25: Renoir

Monday, June 26: Godard–Plus
The Red Balloon,
A Married Woman

Tuesday, June 27: German Classics
Blue Angel,
Threepenny Opera

Wednesday, June 28: Kurosawa

Thursday, June 29: Mixed Bag
The Concert,
Number Seventeen,
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Friday, June 30: Campy Screamers
Little Shop of Horrors,
Night of the Living Dead,
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Saturday, July 1: Light Comedy Night
The Producers,
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Sunday, July 2: Renoir
A Day in the Country,
Rules of the Game

Monday, July 3: Truffaut
Les Mistons,
The Wild Child,
Jules et Jim

Tuesday, July 4: Fritz Lang
The Crimes of Dr. Mabuse

Wednesday, July 5: Kurosawa
Drunken Angel,

Thursday, July 6: Hitchcock
The 39 Steps,
Secret Agent

Friday, July 7: Film Noir
Scarlet Street,

Saturday, July 8: American Classics
Sunset Boulevard,
The Maltese Falcon

Sunday, July 9: Renoir
Grand Illusion,
La Bête Humaine,
The Southerner

Monday, July 10: Borzage Directs
A Farewell to Arms,
History Is Made at Night

Tuesday, July 11: Classic Silents
The Passion of Joan of Arc,

Wednesday, July 12: Kurosawa
Red Beard,
Throne of Blood

Thursday, July 13: Hitchcock
Young and Innocent

Friday, July 14: American Classics
Rebel Without a Cause,
It Happened One Night

Saturday, July 15: Kate Hepburn
Philadelphia Story,
Bringing Up Baby

Sunday, July 16: The Pagnol Trilogy

Monday, July 17: Classic Tearjerkers
The Yearling,
Lassie Come Home

Tuesday, July 18: Campy Busby Berkeley
The Gold Diggers of 1933,
The Gold Diggers of 1935

Wednesday, July 19: Satyajit Ray
Pather Panchali,
The World of Apu

Thursday, July 20: Hitchcock
The Lady Vanishes,
Jamaica Inn

Friday, July 21: Odd Men Out
On the Waterfront,
The Third Man

Saturday, July 22: Laurel and Hardy
The Bohemian Girl,
Flying Deuces,
Saps at Sea,
Chump at Oxford

Sunday, July 23: Harold Lloyd
The Freshman,
The Kid Brother

Monday, July 24: More Harold Lloyd
His Royal Slyness,
Girl Shy,
Feet First

Tuesday, July 25: Cowboy Yarns
Bells of Capistrano,
Bells of Rosarita

Wednesday, July 26: Satyajit Ray
Devi, Mandabi

Thursday, July 27: Hitchcock
Foreign Correspondent,

Friday, July 28: Hitchcock
Shadow of a Doubt,
Strangers on a Train

Saturday, July 29: Hitchcock
North by Northwest,

Sunday, July 30: French Drama
Bizarre, Bizarre,
The Earrings of Madame de