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That’s what your 2006 self wanted. Your 2021 self deserves a social reader with Micropub support. You’ll get more features, a nicer UI, and more joy in your life.

👓 IFTTT, WordPress, and XML-RPC | ZATZLabs

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I have another pro-bono non-profit site I support, where I set up an automatic feed for news items. When an item is given a particular tag in Pocket, it’s picked up by IFTTT and then posted as a post on the destination WordPress site, which becomes a short summary for the site’s front page. You ...

👓 Rebooting XML-RPC | Dave Winer

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It's a reboot of XML-RPC and the site that documents it.

The XML-RPC protocol was designed in 1998, by four people. Don Box, Mohsen Agsen, Bob Atkinson and myself. The first three guys worked at Microsoft. I was at UserLand. It became popular because it was so simple, and early. There were implementations in every major language and environment. For example, it was built into Python and the Macintosh OS. The main blogging APIs were done in XML-RPC. There is an O'Reilly book on XML-RPC.

It's been 20 years! We can do another new version in 2038, Murphy-willing, if we're still here, etc. This may eventually become the XML-RPC home page. It's not as beautiful as the original, but the links will be current.